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SPE/IOGCC Webinar Series 2021

The Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission (IOGCC) Energy Resources, Research and Technology (ERRT) Committee is partnering with the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) to produce a four-part webinar series. 

This webinar series will be geared towards the regulatory community. Each webinar will address one of this year's technical topics from ERRT's 2021 Knowledge-Sharing Portal. Collectively, regulators identified four main topics as their 2021 key emerging issues of concern.

**All four webinars will be free to IOGCC-member regulators thanks to the sponsorship of EDF and IOGCC. Please contact Kaitlyn Smith at [email protected] to receive your complimentary registration code.

Upcoming Webinars

CCS – CO2 Storage Management and Key Technical Challenges Regulators Face – “Monitoring, Modeling, Sampling & Containment”

December 7, 2021 from 11:00am - 12:30pm (CT)


CCUS has become an important topic and this webinar will discuss two important topics crucial to CCUS success: 1) The CO2 Resource Storage Management System (SRMS) sponsored by SPE and 2) Key Technical Challenges Regulators Face –  Specification of the Minimum “Monitoring, Modeling, Sampling & Containment Verification (MMV)” Expectations.

Over the past decade, authors around the world have proposed many methods to describe and systematically estimate storage resources; however, none of these methods have gained global acceptance. The CO2 SRMS has been developed to create a consistent set of definitions and a classification system for international usage. The SRMS will also provide a measure of comparability and reduce the subjective nature of resources estimation. The system defines the major storage resource classes: Stored, Capacity, Contingent Storage Resources, and Prospective Storage Resources, as well as Inaccessible Storage Resources.

A key challenge that regulators face is to specify or approve testing and monitoring programs proposed by operators and how these programs are integrated with modeling to verify containment. The costs of MMV can be minimized without compromising utility by using sound principles of optimizing monitoring methods. Three key elements will be discussed, risk assessment, modeling, and monitoring which are linked by a process that creates a formal and reproducible approach linking risk assessment to monitoring and further linking monitoring results to successful achievement of project objectives.


The Groundwater Protection Council (GWPC) will be the co-host of this webinar alongside IOGCC, EDF, and SPE. GWPC is the lead organization of the states for underground injection control and this webinar will be addressing Class VI permitting. 


Dr. Scott Frailey, Reservoir Engineer, Illinois Geologic Survey
Dr. Susan Hovorka, Senior Research Scientist, Bureau of Economic Geology, The University of Texas at Austin
Leslie Savage (Regulatory Questioner), Chief Geologist, Oil and Gas Division, Railroad Commission of Texas
Dr. Lanny Schoeling (Moderator), President EOR Consulting and VP, Oilfield Innovation, Neotek Energy

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**This webinar will be free for IOGCC member regulators. Please contact Kaitlyn Smith at [email protected] to receive your complimentary registration code.


Hydraulic Fracturing/Completions
Time TBD (January-February 2022)

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