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Concentrating on issues pertaining to public, tribal and coastal lands in IOGCC member states, this committee works to ensure regulatory efficiency between the states and the federal government by coordinating the requirements that govern petroleum exploration and development activities on public lands, while facilitating the discussion of significant issues related to the development of oil and gas resources in coastal and offshore regions. We will work to enhance communication and consultation between state and tribal governments with a focus on increasing awareness of both economic benefits and the environmental impacts from oil and gas development. The prudent stewardship of public funds and the elimination of duplication of regulatory efforts are hallmarks of the committee’s function across all three primary aspects of its mandate.

Chair: Virginia Hullinger, Technical Manager, Oil and Gas Conservation Division, Oklahoma Corporation Commission
Vice-Chair: Ines Piccinino, Executive Vice President, Legal and Regulatory Affairs British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission
IOGCC Staff Liaison: Amy Childers
For more information about the Public, Coastal, Tribal/Indigenous Lands Committee or to find out how to become a member, please contact Amy Childers at [email protected]