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Orphan Wells

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Identifying & Plugging Orphan Wells



Report on Idle/Orphan Wells, Presentation, August 26, 2019, by Hal Fitch

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"Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells - More Than Just a Rusty Eyesore"

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"Addressing Orphan and Abandoned Wells from a Regulatory and Industry Perspective"

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"Abandoned but Not Forgotten: Improperly Plugged and Orphaned Wells May Pose Serious Concerns for Shale Development"

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"Using Drone Magnetic and LiDAR Surveys to Locate Unmarked, Abandoned Wells Prior to Unconventional Oil and Gas Development"

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"Hickenlooper's executive order aims to eliminate Colorado's orphaned oil and gas wells"

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"Plugging and Abandoning Oil and Gas Wells"

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"New P&A technology cuts operational time in half"

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"Environmental Risk and Well Integrity of Plugged and Abandoned Wells"

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"California Department of Conservation's Division of Oil, Gas, And Geothermal Resources: Orphan Well Program"



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"Using Drone Magnetic and LiDAR Surveys to Locate Unmarked, Abandoned Wells Prior to Unconventional Oil and Gas Development"

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"Using the Electromagnetic Method to Locate Abandoned Brine Wells in Hutchinson, Kansas"



Alberta Energy Regulator, Video May 07, 2019, by Anita Lewis
"Abandoned and Orphaned Wells"

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"2018 - Plugged and Abandoned Wells - Panel"

cantonrep, Video January 26, 2018, by Shane Hoover
"Plugging an Orphan Wells"

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"Finding Abandoned Wells"

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"Plugging Orphan Wells"

OhioDNR, Video February 26, 2014, by Jim Zehringer
"Strengthening Efforts to Plug Orphan Oil & Gas Wells"

Arqam Khan, Video May 14, 2009, by Arqam Khan
"Abandoned Oil Gas Wells"

Subject Matter Experts


Hal Fitch

H.R. Fitch Consulting Services, LLC
[email protected]
Expertise:   Orphan/Idle Wells

Lloyd Hetrick

Operations Engineering Advisor
East Shore Investments, LLC
[email protected] and [email protected]
(281) 630-6571
Expertise:  Well Integrity,  Well Operations, Plugging, Orphan Well Management, and Produced Water Management