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National Energy Policy

Due to its high percentage of imports, the United States grows increasingly vulnerable to market manipulations by foreign producers who use oil not only as a source of economic wealth, but also as a political weapon. Our nation cannot afford to sit back and allow its future to be determined by other nations. The health of our economy and our ability to ensure a strong national defense cannot be maintained while crude oil prices fluctuate wildly.

The governors of the Commission understand that the energy crisis faced by the nation does not have a single definition or a single solution. Todays energy problems spiraling energy costs, rapidly growing demand and decline of domestic production cannot be wished away or ignored.

However, the key to any solution is an energy policy with fundamentals rooted in energy security, access to domestic resources, environmental protection, distribution infrastructure improvements, conservation and alternative energy development.

While Congress only recently demonstrated the courage necessary to forge a national energy policy, the governors of the Commission have been stepping up to the plate since 1935 and will continue to fight for the responsible development of our nations resources.