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A national forum, the ERRT Committee debates, studies and develops positions on economic, technical, research, technology transfer and safety issues that confront domestic oil and natural gas production.

Chair: Adam Peltz, Senior Attorney, Energy, Environmental Defense Fund
Vice-Chair: Todd M. Boesiger, Deputy Director, Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
IOGCC Staff Liaison: Ian Cox
For more information about the ERRT committee or to find out how to become a member, please contact Ian Cox at email address: [email protected]  

2022 Knowledge-Sharing Project Members-Only Portal

The 2022 Knowledge Sharing Project is now live! This portal aims to focus on providing technical support to state regulators through a knowledge sharing project. This project connects oil and gas regulators with relevant technical societies to facilitate transfer of technical information regarding regulators' key emerging issues of concern, with topics refreshed annually.

These resources include relevant technical articles, publications, and presentations, as well as a list of well-known and respected subject-matter experts (SMEs) who are willing to take emails and phone calls from regulators on their areas of expertise.

Click here to access the Energy Resources, Research and Technology Members Only portal.