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Community Outreach Resource Toolbox:

Public Outreach Committee


Community outreach and engagement efforts categorized by location.



Alabama Public Awareness Cooperative Training (APACT)
"This program provides pipeline safety awareness information to emergency responders, public officials, and excavators in compliance with the Department of Pipeline Safety's regulation, known as RP1162, which became effective in 2006."

Alabama Natural Gas Association
"The ANGA Board of Directors and membership will continue promoting the natural gas industry through a well trained work force dedicated to safety and customer service along with an increased long-term demand for natural gas through a unified statewide marketing strategy."



Alaska Oil & Gas Association



Natural Gas Laws & Incentives in Arizona
"The list contains summaries of all Arizona laws and incentives related to natural gas."

Arizona Oil & Gas Conservation Commission



Arkansas Oil & Gas Commission
"The mission of the Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission is to prevent waste and encourage conservation of the Arkansas oil, natural gas, and brine resources, to protect the correlative rights associated with those resources, and to respect the environment during the production, extraction, and transportation of those resources."


California Natural Gas Industry



Colorado Oil & Gas Association

COGA-Request a Speaker
"Host a Colorado Oil & Gas Association speaker at your next event."



Gas Safety Training
"Emergency responders who understand the properties and characteristics of natural gas and propane, and the procedures for responding to gas-related emergencies, are better prepared to protect their own lives and those they serve. Florida Public Utilities has Regional Safety Advisors who can help firefighters, training officers and other personnel develop the skills they need to facilitate and implement this training."

Natural Gas Rebates For Home and Business
"Florida Public Utilities offers natural gas rebates for home and business."

Natural Gas Operator Training Course
"This program is designed to prepare students for an entry-level natural gas general technician position."



Landowner Grant Program
"The Landowner Grant Program is dedicated to plugging abandoned wells on private property in Illinois."

Municipal Worker Training

Professional Development for Science and Math Teachers
"Understand the process of scientific inquiry and technological design to investigate questions, conduct experiments and solve problems as it relates to the Illinois Crude Oil and Natural Gas Industry."


Indiana Oil & Gas Association
"INOGA actively represents the upstream segment of Indiana’s oil and gas industry and provides a common forum for this sector."

Indiana Department of Natural Resources
"The Division of Oil and Gas administers Indiana's oil and gas statutes (IC 14-37 and IC 14-38), which regulate petroleum exploration and production operations including: well spacing, exploration, permitting, drilling, completion, production, and abandonment operations; underground injection of fluids for enhanced oil recovery or for production fluid disposal; and the underground storage of natural gas or other petroleum products in underground formations."




KIOGA Education Foundation
"Provide funding for educational supplies to schools across Kansas with an emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)."

Kansas Strong
"Kansas Strong works to educate and inform people about the important role our industry plays in their lives."



Kentucky Gas Association
"The Kentucky Gas Association is dedicated to serve as a premier advocate and information source for the natural gas industry."

DNR Division of Oil and Gas

Oil & Gas Well Operator's Manual's%20Manual%20-%20Rev.%20August%202016.pdf



Oil & Natural Gas Industry Day
"You have the opportunity to speak with fellow industry supporters and professionals in the field, as well as elected officials and campaign candidates, about the issues facing our state’s oil and natural gas industry and what you can do to make sure industry jobs and investments are here to stay."

Educational Seminars



Michigan Academy of Natural Resources,4570,7-350-79135_79220_81127---,00.html
"The Academy of Natural Resources offers educators the opportunity to learn about Michigan’s diverse natural resources, discover current trends in their management and experience activities that bring knowledge to the classroom."

Michigan Oil and Gas Association
"The Michigan Oil And Gas Association (MOGA) represents the exploration, drilling, production, transportation, processing and storage of crude oil and natural gas in the State of Michigan."




Mississippi State Oil & Gas Board



State Oil and Gas Council

Missouri Environmental Education Association
"MEEA helps educators inspire Missourians to care about, understand and act for their environment."

Missouri Association of Natural Gas Operators
"The Missouri Association of Natural Gas Operators is a nonprofit organization that allows Missouri's natural gas utilities to work together on important issues like public safety and regulatory activity."


Montana Petroleum Association



Nebraska Excavation Safety Summit
"FREE educational event that brings stakeholders in excavation safety together to support the common goal of damage prevention and safe digging."

Nebraska811 Free Promotional Items
"Free promotional items such as excavator manual, color code cards, white marking flags, etc."

Damage Prevention Classes
"The State Fire Marshal's office in partnership with Nebraska811 will be hosting Damage Prevention Classes for excavators that have been reffered by the Attorney General's Office. The Damage Prevention Classes are also open to anyone that would like to learn more about the One Call law and process in the State of Nebraska."


Oil & Gas Division
"The Nevada Division of Minerals is the state’s regulatory authority for all oil and gas wells drilled in Nevada."



New Mexico Oil and Gas Association
"The New Mexico Oil & Gas Association (NMOGA) is a coalition of oil and natural gas companies, individuals, and stakeholders dedicated to promoting the safe and environmentally responsible development of oil and natural gas resources in New Mexico."

State of New Mexico Oil Conservation Division

Wildlife in the Oilfield Photo Contest
"There is so much wildlife in the oilfield that in 2004 IPANM created a contest where oil field workers and others could win cash prizes for the best photo or video demonstrating wildlife adapting to man made changes in their environment."

Energy and Education Fair
"The Energy and Education Fair is an excellent opportunity for the students in your program to interact with outstanding professionals in the Energy Industry."



Natural Gas Laws and Incentives in New York
"The list contains summaries of all New York laws and incentives related to natural gas."

Independent Oil and Gas Association of New York
"The Independent Oil and Gas Association of New York (IOGANY) represents oil and gas professionals to the citizens and lawmakers of New York State."




Energy of North Dakota Teacher Seminar
"The North Dakota Petroleum Foundation hosts this seminar for educators to learn about the oil industry and take projects, lessons, and ideas back to the classroom."

North Dakota Petroleum Council Oil and Gas Education Program (Past)
"The overall objective of this project is the continuance of three education and outreach programs regarding the oil and gas industry."

Oil Can! Good Neighbor Initiative and Outreach Program (Past)
"This project will focus on engaging in a continuous dialog about the key issues relating to oil and gas development with the neighbors, policymakers and the general public."

North Dakota Petroleum Council’s Teacher Education Program (Past)
"The objective of the North Dakota Petroleum Council Teacher Education Seminar is to educate teachers about the economic benefits and career opportunities provided by the North Dakota oil and gas industry enabling them to educate their students about the industry."

Education of Oilfield Fire Safety (Past)
"To provide education to 3,000 volunteer and staff firefighters in western and central North Dakota and other state officials about oilfield fire safety and encourage them to learn more about oilfield fire safety."

North Dakota Petroleum Council’s Teachers Education Seminar (Past)
"The North Dakota Petroleum Council held a three-day seminar in Bismarck June 7-9 to educate teachers about the oil and gas industry."

OHIO + Ohio Oil & Gas Energy Education Program
"OOGEEP is a check-off program funding 100% by Ohio's natural gas and crude oil producers and royalty owners through a voluntary assessment on oil and gas produced in Ohio. These dollars are used for education and public outreach only."

e-SMART kids
"Dominion Energy knows teachers play a critical role in helping students learn to use energy safely. This site gives you the resources you need to achieve this important goal."



"PetroTech is a focused technical training program for individuals interested in acquiring the knowledge and certification necessary to pursue a career in Oklahoma's oil and natural gas industry."

Petro Pros
"Petro Pros are oil and natural gas professionals who volunteer their time to visit Oklahoma classrooms to show kids the science and business side of their industry."

Well Site Safety Coloring Contest (K-2nd grades)
"Students are asked to use their creativity in coloring OERB's Petro Pete."

Well Site Safety Poster Contest (3rd-6th grades)
"Students are asked to draw a poster with a catchy slogan that warns others about playing around abandoned oilfield equipment."

Well Site Safety Poster / Instagram Story Contest (7th-12th grades)
"Students are asked to create a poster or snapchat geofilter to promote Well Site Safety to Oklahoma teens."

Energy Education Workshops
"The Oklahoma Energy Resources Board provides free workshops for Oklahoma teachers in K-12th grade."

OERB Field Trips
"The OERB is proud to offer free field trips to museums for classes that have completed the Little Bits, Fossils to Fuel, Fossils to Fuel 2, Petro Active, Rockin' Ratios or Core Energy curriculum."

Well Site Safety Overview-Duh-Duh Dangerous
"Duh-Duh Dangerous is OERB's new safety campaign targeting students K-6th grade."

Well Site Safety Overview-Lucky
"Lucky is a campaign aimed at teenagers. A series of television and radio advertisements help drive the message that hanging out or partying around abandoned oilfield sites is risky business."



Explore Shale
"An exploration of natural gas drilling and development in the Marcellus Shale."

Pennsylvania Independent Oil & Gas Association
"The Pennsylvania Independent Oil Gas Association (PIOGA) represents nearly 500 members, including oil and natural gas producers, drilling contractors, service companies, manufacturers, distributors, professional firms and consultants, pipelines, end users, royalty owners, and others with interests in the success of Pennsylvania’s oil and gas industry."

PIOGA Energy Education Program
"The program is taught as a one-day professional development workshop. It is offered at no cost to the teacher and includes six Act 48 credit hours and instructional materials."



Natural Gas Laws and Incentives in South Dakota
"The list contains summaries of all South Dakota laws and incentives related to natural gas."

Underground Storage Tank Owner/Operator Training
"FREE training for UST Owner/Operators throughout the state of South Dakota. These classes may be attended by new owner/operators/managers or anyone seeking to gain education about USTs."

South Dakota Oil and Gas Association
"The South Dakota Oil and Gas Association (SDOGA) is dedicated to the responsible and environmentally sound exploration, development, and production of South Dakota’s oil and natural gas resources."



Education Outreach Program 
"The purpose of the outreach program is to enhance science and technology curriculum for school children, from kindergarten through grade 12, utilizing teacher workshops, field trips and overnight and summer camps."

Student Writing Competition 
"Essays should be an original work at editorial length on any specific issue of the student's choice which is directly related to international petroleum negotiations, such as matters of contract, law, or policy."



Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining
"The mission of the Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining is to regulate the exploration and development of coal, oil and gas, and other minerals."

Natural Gas Laws and Incentives in Utah
"The list contains summaries of all Utah laws and incentives related to natural gas."

Utah Petroleum Association
"The Utah Petroleum Association (UPA) is a Utah based, statewide petroleum trade association representing companies involved in all aspects of Utah’s oil and gas industry."

Utah Pipeline Association
"The Utah Pipeline Association (UPA) is comprised of pipeline operators in Utah that are dedicated to promoting pipeline safety by providing information for excavators, emergency responders and public officials."



Natural Gas Laws and Incentives in Virginia
"The list contains summaries of all Virginia laws and incentives related to natural gas."

e-SMART kids
"Dominion Energy knows teachers play a critical role in helping students learn to use energy safely. This site gives you the resources you need to achieve this important goal."

Virginia Oil and Gas Association



West Virginia Independent Oil and Gas Association

IOGAWV Scholarship Program 
"The Scholarship Program was specifically created to reward the outstanding scholastic achievements of high school seniors whose parents work in the oil and natural gas industry for IOGAWV membership companies."

e-SMART kids 
"Dominion Energy knows teachers play a critical role in helping students learn to use energy safely. This site gives you the resources you need to achieve this important goal."



Petroleum Association of Wyoming

Wyoming Oil & Gas Conservation Commission