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Chair's Stewardship Awards

Since its inception nearly 80 years ago, the IOGCC has voiced the need for sound oil and natural gas environmental policy. Many organizations have gone far beyond the basic mandates of law and regulation to protect and enhance our nation's natural resources. The Chair's Stewardship Awards represent the IOGCC's highest honor for exemplary efforts by the oil and natural gas industry in environmental stewardship.

The award-winning projects represent a few of the many positive programs initiated by domestic oil and natural gas organizations and industry. The intention of the awards is to recognize achievement and challenge organizations, companies and individuals nationwide to demonstrate innovation, dedication and passion for our environment. Stewardship within the industry is one of the great untold success stories and the projects represent only a sample of those in operation throughout the world.  

2023 Chair's Stewardship Awards 

Open for Nominations!

Click here to submit a project for one of the award categories below. Nominations must be received on or before Thursday, August 10, 2023.

Award Categories

Environmental Partnership
The Environmental Partnership Award recognizes innovative projects led by non-industry organizations with the cooperation and participation of industry.

Energy Education
This award is presented to a group or an organization that has created a program to educate the public about oil and natural gas and the hundreds of way it affects the lives of Americans each day.

Small Company 
The Small Company Award recognizes an innovative project by a small oil and natural gas company that demonstrates positive environmental stewardship. Small companies are those that operate in a limited area or region.

Large Company
This award recognizes an innovative project by a large oil and natural gas company that demonstrates positive environmental stewardship. Large companies are those that operate nationwide and in many instances internationally.  

For more information on the Chair's Stewardship Awards, please contact Amy Childers at [email protected].