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Idaho Job Announcement

Idaho Department of Lands is excited to announce the addition of the Oil and Gas Division to our agency. This division will be comprised of four (4) new and one (1) existing position:

  • · Division Administrator (New)
  • · Lands Program Manager (James Thum – current)
  • · Lands Program Specialist (New)
  • · Analyst 3 (New)
  • · Administrative Assistant 2 (New)

These positions will all be located in the Boise Staff office and support the work of the Oil and Gas Commission. The three goals of the Commission are 1) Develop Effective Regulations, 2) Establish Organization-Wide Expertise, and 3) Build Partnerships. View the IOGCC’s Strategic Plan here.

For additional information regarding the establishment our new division, please refer to the following links: - Bill that establishes a new Oil and Gas Division and Administrator - Appropriation bill for the O&G Division

Over the next few months we will be filling each new position, beginning with the opening for the Division Administrator of the Oil and Gas Division in the Director’s Office in Boise.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please visit the Division of Human Resources website at:

This position will be open until filled.