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Annual Business Meeting Presentations


Council of Oil and Gas Attorneys

May 12, 2021
Chair: Shane Koury

“Arkansas’ Brine Production Business—How You Make Something Out of Less Than Nothing”  
Correspoding Paper
Thomas Daily, Daily Woods and Law


Council of Regulatory Officials

May 12, 2021
Chair: David Hardie

Idle/Orphan Well Report 2021 Update
Hal Fitch, H. R. Fitch Consulting Services LLC


Energy Resources, Research and Technology Committee

May 17, 2021
Chair: Lanny Schoeling
Vice Chair: Adam Peltz

2021 Knowledge Sharing Project Update
Kaitlyn Smith, Regulatory Technical Liaison Intern, IOGCC

"Hydrogen at Scale in the United States - Why Geology Matters"
Mark Shuster, Associate Director of the Bureau of Economic Geology, University of Texas at Austin

"Micro and Nano Sensors for the Sub-Surface"
Jay Kipper, Associate Director of the Bureau of Economic Geology, University of Texas at Austin


Environment and Safety Committee

May 17, 2021
Chair: Leslie Savage
Vice Chair: Robyn Strickland

TENORM Project Discussion
Scott Winters, Consultant


Public Outreach Committee

May 17, 2021
Chair: Travis McCormick
Vice Chair: Kaite Haarsager

Oil and Gas Messaging and Progress 
Todd Staples, President, Texas Oil and Gas Association 

Basic Graphic Design Using Canva
Elizabeth McCormick, Marketing Strategist, McCormick Strategies 

Social Media 101
Travis McCormick, Chief of Staff for Commissioner Christian, Railroad Commission of Texas
Katie Haarsager, Public Information Specialist, North Dakota Industrial Commission


Legal and Regulatory Affairs Committee

May 18, 2021
Chair: Eric Vendel
Vice Chair: Reice Haase

Produced Water Ownership Survey Results 
Kimberly Wurtz, Attorney, Wurtz & Associates and Professor, Texas A&M University School of Law

Impact of the Federal Administration's Decisions Regarding Leasing on Federal Land and Keystone Pipeline
Mark Watson, Oil and Gas Supervisor, Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission 


Public, Coastal and Tribal Lands Committee

May 18, 2021
Chair: Kim Doane
Vice Chair: Sara Longan

Implications and Opportunities: The Biden Administration Executive Orders and Congressional Energy Initiatives
Kathleen Sgamma, President of Western Energy Alliance

Indigenous/Tribal Lands Sub-Committee
Ines Piccinino, EVP, BC Oil and Gas Commission, British Columbia