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About the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission

The Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission is a multi-state government entity that is passionate about advancing the quality of life for all Americans. Without energy, the quality of life we enjoy today would not exist. 

It's no secret that American energy is the most valuable to our nation. The responsible development of our own resources not only strengthens our economy by creating and maintaining jobs, but also lessens our dependence on foreign resources, making oil and natural gas more affordable for consumers.

That's why the Commission works to champion the conservation and efficient recovery of our nation's oil and natural gas resources while protecting health, safety and the environment. We accomplish this by providing member states with a clear and unified voice and serving as the authority on issues surrounding these vital resources.

The Commission also assists states in balancing a multitude of interests through sound regulatory practices. Our unique structure offers a highly effective forum for states, industry, Congress and the environmental community to share information and viewpoints to advance our nation's energy future. We stand dedicated to securing resources needed to ensure our nation's energy, economic and national security.