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2020 IOGCC Annual Business Meeting


National Petroleum Council (NPC) Briefings for IOGCC
June 24, 2020 

"Meeting the Dual Challenge: A Roadmap to At-Scale Deployment of Carbon Capture, Use, and Storage" 
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"Dynamic Delivery: America's Evolving Oil and Natural Gas Transportation Infrastructure" 
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Energy Resources, Research, and Technology Committee                                                      
June 30, 2020
Chair: Lanny Schoeling
Vice Chair: Adam Peltz

PDF icon “ERRT Knowledge Sharing Portal”
Bey Westcott, Regulatory Technical Liaison Intern, IOGCC
Adam Peltz, Senior Attorney, Energy, EDF

PDF icon “Near Future of Drone Regulation and Technology in Oil and Gas”
Jamey Jacob, Director and Professor, Unmanned Systems Research Institute, Oklahoma State University

PDF icon “CO2 EOR and Carbon Capture - Regulators in the Know”
 Dr. Lanny Schoeling, President, EOR Consulting, LLC

PDF icon "Venting and Flaring Survey – Discussion of Possible Action Items"
Bey Westcott, Regulatory Technical Liaison Intern, IOGCC


Public Outreach Committee                                                                                                        
July 7, 2020  
Chair: Travis McCormick

Vice Chair: Katie Haarsager    

PDF icon “Energy Powers Life”
 Jason Isaac, Director, Life:Powered 

PDF icon “Rising to the Communications Challenge”
 Matt Most, Vice President, Government Relations, Ovintiv


Legal and Regulatory Affairs Committee                                                                                  
July 9, 2020
Chair: Eric Vendel

Vice Chair: Reice Haase

PDF icon “Simultaneous Operations and Anti-Collision: Surface and Subsurface Protection of Health, Safety and Environment in Ohio’s Oil and Gas Fields”
Kenneth Frye, Geologist 3, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Oil and Gas Resources Management

PDF icon “Tax Sharing Compact Between the MHA Nation and the State of North Dakota: Lessons Learned” 
Reice Haase, Senior Policy Advisor, North Dakota Office of the Governor


Public, Coastal, and Tribal Lands Committee                                                                          
July 14, 2020  
Chair: Kim Doane    

Vice Chair: Sara Longan                                                                                                                                 

“Updates on the Committee mission/sub-committee structure”
 Kim Doane and Sara Longan 

PDF icon "Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People Act (DRIPA)/UNDRIP and how BC is addressing it as Regulators"
Ines Piccinino, B.C.


Environment and Safety Committee                                                                                          
July 15, 2020
Chair: Adam Wygant

Vice Chair: Leslie Savage

PDF icon “Status of Farm Tap Regulations”
 Sayler Palabrica, PHMSA Regulations Group

 PDF icon “Update on NPC CCS Study”
Leslie Savage, Chief Geologist, Oil and Gas Division, Railroad Commission of Texas

PDF icon “Spill Prevention Business Model”
 Larry Albrecht, Chief Operations Officer, Lambda Energy Resources 

PDF icon “EPA Air and Water Update”
Taimur Shaikh, Ph.D., Senior Policy Advisor – Energy, Air and Radiation Division, EPA Region 6