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2020 IOGCC Annual Business Meeting

Due to the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the IOGCC Annual Business Meeting, which was scheduled to occur in Oklahoma City on May 17-19, 2020, will be conducted by video conference and teleconference during the summer months. The committee and council meetings, business session, and related programs will be rescheduled in consultation with the IOGCC Official Representatives and committee chairs. Additional information will be posted here soon.

The IOGCC Annual Business Meetings have proven invaluable for providing opportunities for the exchange of information and ideas. For that reason we remain fully committed to convening them, in whatever format or platform we can safely arrange. We understand this new approach will present some challenges, but we look forward to working together to have a successful 2020 Annual Business Meeting.

We look forward to your participation in the meeting. If you have any questions please contact Amy Childers at [email protected].