Chairman's Stewardship Award Winners 


Environmental Partnership 
Winner: Energy and Environmental Research Center 

Energy Education 
Winner: Railroad Commission of Texas

Large Company 
Winner: Apache Corporation


Environmental Partnership
Winner: US Department of Fish and Wildlife in partnership with Hilcorp 

Energy Education
Winner: Anadarko Petroleum  

Independent Company
Winner: Chief Oil and Gas 

Large Company
Winner: Phillips66  


Environmental Partnership 
Winner: Pioneer Natural Resources
Honorable Mention: Hilcorp Alaska
 Energy Education
Winner: Offshore Energy Center
Honorable Mention: TOPCORP
Independent Company
Winner: Fasken Oil & Ranch
Honorable Mention: Chief Oil & Gas
Large Company
Winner: Southwestern Energy 
Honorable Mention: Chevron


Environmental Partnership 
Winner: Williams
Honorable Mention: Houston Advanced Research Center
 Energy Education
Winner: Bismarck State College
Honorable Mention: Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
 Independent Company
Winner: Antero Resources
Honorable Mention: Scott Environmental Services 
 Large Company
Winner: Southwestern Energy
Honorable Mention: Anadarko Petroleum Corporation 


Environmental Partnership: Devon Energy
 Energy Education: Oklahoma Energy Resources Board
 Independent Company: SandRidge Energy
 Large Company: Anadarko Petroleum Corporation  




Environmental Partnership: Bakken Production Optimization Program
 Energy Education: Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program
 Independent Company: QEP Resources, Inc. 
 Large Company: Schlumberger


Environmental Partnership: North Dakota Petroleum Council
 Energy Education: Energy Speaks Education
 Independent Company: Apache Alaska Corporation
Large Company: Dominion Resources       



Environmental Partnership: Range Resources, Inc.
 Energy Education: Just Beneath the Surface Alliance
Independent Company: QEP Resources, Inc.
 Large Company: Questar Pipeline Co.

Environmental Partnership: Fountain Quail Water Management
 Energy Education: Just Beneath the Surface Alliance
Independent Company: Warren Resources, Inc.
 Large Company: Chesapeake Energy Corporation


 Environmental Partnership: East Resources, Inc.
 Energy Education: Energize West Virginia
 Large Company: Anadarko Petroleum Corp./Kerr-McGee


Environmental Partnership: Houston Advanced Research Center
 Energy Education: North Dakota Petroleum Council
Large Company: BP America Production Company
Environmental Partnership: Energy and Environmental Research Center
 Energy Education: Coalbed Natural Gas Alliance
Small Company: Pioneer Natural Resources Alaska, Inc.
Large Company: Devon Energy Corporation
 Environmental Partnership: Cooperative Sagebrush Initiative
 Energy Education: Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce and Michigan Oil and Gas Producers Education Foundation
Small Company: Pioneer Natural Resources Alaska, Inc.
Large Company: Devon Energy Corporation   

Environmental Partnership: Kansas Corporation Commission, ALL Consulting, and U.S. Department of Energy
 Energy Education: Kansas Independent Oil and Gas Association
 Independent Company: Encore Acquisition Company
 Major Company: EnCana Oil and Gas (USA), Inc.

 Environmental Partnership: STRONGER, Inc.
 Energy Education: Coalbed Natural Gas Alliance and EnCana Oil and Gas, Inc.
Independent Company: Bill Barrett Corporation
Major Company: Devon Energy Corporation - two outstanding projects
Environmental Partnership: San Juan County CUPID Committee
 Energy Education: NEED Project
Independent Company: Fidelity E & P
Major Company: BP America Production Company
 Environmental Partnership: Oklahoma Energy Resources Board
 Energy Education: Illinois Petroleum Resources Board and Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program
 Environmental Partnership: Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund and Michigan Oil and Gas Foundation
 Energy Education: Wasatch-Cache Petroleum Showcase and Merit Energy Company
Independent Company: Dominion Exploration and Production
Major Company: Marathon Oil Company
 Environmental Partnership: SW Brine Coalition
 Energy Education: National Energy Foundation and Oklahoma Energy Resources Board
Independent Company: Evergreen Resources
Major Company: Phillips Petroleum Company (Alaska)
 Environmental Partnership: Kern County Planning Department
 Energy Education: Kansas Oil and Gas Museum Foundation
Small Company: Eastern States Exploration Company
Large Company: ARCO Alaska, Inc.
Independent Producer: Prima Energy Corporation
 Large Company: Marathon Oil Company
 Independent Producer: Tom Brown, Inc.
 Large Company: Texaco
 Chairman's Stewardship Award: Phillips Petroleum Company
 Chairman's Stewardship Award: Amoco