• Underground Gas Storage Regulatory Considerations

Underground Gas Storage Regulatory Considerations



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A national Natural Gas Storage Work Group led by states from across the country through the StatesFirst Initiative was developed in March 2016 to collect information from participating states and proactively aid in progressing state natural gas storage programs and addressing regulatory challenges.

The work group is an example of states working together to address common issues.The responsibility for enforcing the safety of storage facilities rests with state oil and gas agencies. Because each state varies in geology and geography, database management systems differ from state to state to collect relevant information for public safety and environmental protection. As such, many states have adopted their own rules and regulations regarding the safe and reliable operation of underground natural gas storage facilities, and the gathering of information should remain within the states in order to continue ongoing regulatory improvement to state-specific needs.

The states reviewed data collected in order to: proactively address natural gas storage facilities and state regulations, complement the differing databases to the greatest extent possible, and recognize aging infrastructure concerns, while identifying technological advancements and establishing proper and consistent operating procedures.