Strategic Plan

The Domestic Resource


The IOGCC will continue to foster wise stewardship of domestic oil and natural gas resources to benefit present and future generations.

  • Promote awareness of the extent of domestic oil and gas resources.
  • Promote the development of technologies that maximize efficient resource recovery.
  • Foster an understanding of the contribution to national security and energy independence.
  • Continue to work with Congress and the Administration to enhance states’ role in the development of policies impacting oil and natural gas.
  • Expand IOGCC status as an authoritative resource on oil and gas issues.
  • Identify barriers to domestic production and appropriately address them.
  • Promote the positive impact of domestic resources on economic development.



Maximize recovery and promote energy efficient production of oil and natural gas.

  • Encourage states to strengthen programs on conservation.
  • Foster research to support the goal.
  • Educate federal and state policy makers and the general public regarding efficient production.

Environmental Protection


Assist states in protecting the environment while supporting responsible production.

  • Assist states to identify, evaluate and promote technologies.
  • Assist states to identify, evaluate and promote processes for continuous improvement of programs and services that protect the environment.
  • Coordinate nationwide effort to mitigate environmental risks.
  • Advocate for states’ rights relative to environmental issues.

The Future


Prepare the states to respond to future opportunities and challenges.

  • Showcase opportunities inherent in new technologies.
  • Provide leadership to states addressing emerging conservation and environmental issues.