IOGCC Annual Meeting
San Antonio, Texas
October 29 - 31, 2012


General Session 
Alabama Governor Robert Bentley
Commissioner David Porter, Railroad Commission of Texas
Panel includes:
  • Moderator: David Holt, President, Consumer Energy Alliance
  • Dr. Matt Cronin, Genetics Professor, University of Alaska
  • John Esparza, President & CEO, Texas Transportation Association
  • Michael Geraghty, Alaska Attorney General
  • Tadd Owens, Government Affairs Director, Pioneer Natural Resources Company
"A Word from Alaska Governor Sean Parnell"
 video link
 >> Alaska's Legacy Wells
Cathy Foerster, Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commissioner
>> Continuing State Leadership Initiatives

 Carl Michael Smith, Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission, Exective Director, &
Michel Paque, Ground Water Protection Council, Executive Director

Energy Resources, Research & Technology
>> Induced Seismicity Potential in Energy
Don Clark, Geological Consultant, Tidelands Oil Production Company, Signal Hill Petroleum,
Vintage and Terralog 
>> Integrating to Wireless Technology and
Bob Griffith, Information Systems Services Coordinator, Oklahoma Corporation Commission 
Council of State Oil & Gas Attorneys
>> CO2 Phase III: Liabilities
John Harju, Associate Director of Research, Energy & Environmental Research Center, University of North Dakota
>> Texas Oil and Gas Regulation
David Cooney, Jr., Environmental Affairs, Office of General Counsel
Public Outreach Committee
>> Utah Geology for Kids - Science that Rocks!
Jim Springer, Public Information Officer, Division of Oil, Gas & Mining, Utah Department of Natural Resources
Public Lands Committee
>> A Summary of Utah's BLM Comments Regard the Proposed BLM Hydraulic Fracturing Rule
John Baza, Director, Division of Oil, Gas & Mining, Utah Department of Natural Resources
>> Shale Oil Drilling, Spacing, Unitization
Lynn Helms, Director, North Dakota Industrial Commission, Department of Mineral Resources
>> Mainline 104 to Fidlar Project
Questar Pipeline Company
International Committee
>> Modern Practices of Hydraulic Fracturing: a Focus on Canadian Resources
Dan Arthur, Managing Partner, ALL Consulting
>> Investigation of Observed Induced Seismicity in the Horn River Basin
Paul Jeakins, Commissioner, British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission
Environment & Safety Committee
Panel: Plugging Abandoned Wells & Restoring Sites
>> Alaska
Cathy Foerster, Commissioner, Alaska Oil & Gas Conservation Commission
>> Colorado
Mark Weems, Regional Engineer - SW Colorado, Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission
>> Louisiana
Sarah Wagner, P.E., Oilfield Site Restoration Manager, Louisiana Office of Conservation
>> Ohio
Richard J. Simmers, Chief of the Division of Oil & Gas, Ohio Department of Natural Resources
>> Oklahoma 
Mindy Stitt, Executive Director, Oklahoma Energy Resources Board
Legal & Regulatory Committee
>> Summary of State Statutes
Gerry Baker, Associate Executive Director, Interstate Oil & Gas Compact Commission
Panel: Hydraulic Fracturing Disclosure
Lawrence E. Bengal, Director, Arkansas Oil & Gas Commission
David Cooney, Jr., Environmental Affairs, Railroad Commission of Texas
Matt Lepore, Director, Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission
John Peiserich, Attorney, Perkins & Trotter, PLLC
Council of State Regulatory Officials
>> Professional Petroleum Data Management (PPDM)
Trudy Curtis, CEO, Professional Petroleum Data Management Association
>> FracFocus 2.0
Michel Paque, Executive Director, Ground Water Protection Council