Produced Water

Reuse/Recycling of Produced Water


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Papers & Reports

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Subject Matter Experts

Michael Dunkel

Global Technology Leader for Upstream Water
Advisian, Worley Group
(469) 585-6468
Expertise: Water Management for Oil and Gas, Regulations, Methane Emissions and Well Operations 

Roy Hartstein

Founder and Managing Director
Responsible Energy Solutions  
(936) 203-3174
Expertise: Air & Methane Emissions - Produced Water Management 

Rich Haut

(281) 787-8768
Expertise: Air & Methane Emissions - Well Operations 

Lloyd Hetrick

Operations Engineering Advisor
East Shore Investments, LLC and
(281) 630-6571
Expertise:  Well Integrity,  Well Operations, Plugging, Orphan Well Management, and Produced Water Management

Rick McCurdy

PrincipalRMc3 Consulting LLC
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Expertise: Produced Water Management

Dan Mueller

Senior Manager, Energy
Environmental Defense Fund 
(512) 691-3453
Expertise: Produced Water Management