Maximizing domestic natural gas and oil resources is the topic of IOGCC’s recent adopted resolutions



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Maximizing domestic natural gas and oil resources is the topic of IOGCC’s recent adopted resolutions

The 30 member states of the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission adopted six resolutions at its Annual Meeting in New Orleans, La., addressing a range of topics critical to maximizing domestic natural gas and oil resources.

Three new resolutions were passed:

One new resolution urges state regulators to recognize the need for long-term transportation and storage contracts, citing that long-term contracting facilitates preferred, long-term financing for large projects and leads to more reasonable transportation prices ultimately borne by consumers.

Another resolution supports the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) in their initiative to develop research on the social and economic costs related to energy moratoria.

The organization also agreed to encourage the construction of an Alaska natural gas pipeline to provide a clean, reliable energy source to North American markets.

The commission reauthorized three resolutions:

IOGCC member states will urge the U.S. government to recognize the importance of oil and gas research and to adequately fund oil and gas research initiatives. Funding for oil and gas research and development programs has been significantly reduced in recent years and has been the target of possible elimination from the federal budget.

The commission also resolved, in the national interest, to support exploration and development in the coastal plain of ANWR as part of the National Energy Policy.

Another resolution will continue IOGCC’s efforts in encouraging institutions of higher learning to increase the number of programs for students and the number of scholarships available for petroleum-specific degrees. In past years the commission has developed recommendations and published reports to combat manpower shortages.

IOGCC resolutions are available on the IOGCC Web site at

The IOGCC, representing the governors of 30 member and seven associate states, promotes the conservation and efficient recovery of the nation’s oil and natural gas resources while protecting health, safety and the environment. Established by the charter member states’ governors in 1935, it is the oldest, largest and most effective interstate compact in the nation. For more information, visit