The Legal and Regulatory Affairs Committee actively engages in legislative and regulatory processes at state and federal levels to ensure that tedious laws and regulations do not adversely affect oil and gas activities. The committee tackles its many tasks by fostering communication with the regulatory community so timely responses can be made to meet the rapidly changing needs of the oil and gas industry and its customers.

Chair: Ryan Hoffman, Director, Conservation Division, Kansas Corporation Commission
Vice Chair: Eric Vendel, Senior Legal Counsel, Division of Oil & Gas Resources Management, Ohio Department of Natural Resources
IOGCC Staff Liaison: Carol Booth
For more information about the Legal and Regulatory Affairs Committee or to find out how to become a member, please contact Carol Booth at

2017 Annual Business Meeting
Sheraton Downtown
Oklahoma City, OK
May 7 - 9, 2017

Committee Project: With the current economic conditions facing the oil and gas industry, the ability to temporarily suspend production is extremely important to operators. The Legal and Regulatory Affairs Committee will focus on state regulatory programs related to temporary abandonment for this year’s project. Topics will include how states define temporary abandonment, and conditions or requirements necessary to qualify for this status, including well integrity, duration of this status, bonding requirements, exceptions and exemptions, etc.