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Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, as the Chairman of the IOGCC and Southern States
Energy Board (SSEB), is hosting a summit on energy security and infrastructure on February 23 - 24, 2017 at the Willard Hotel in Washington,DC. The Governor wants to open dialogue and create awareness about our Nation’s critical energy infrastructure needs and develop plans for securing domestic energy sources that are essential to fuel our Nation’s economy in the 21st century. 

Future energy security and international competitiveness depend on the modernization of America’s energy infrastructure including the cyber security innovations that can protect our networks of production, transmission, storage and distribution systems.  Threats to U.S. energy security emanate from the political instability of energy producing countries, the manipulation of energy supplies, competition among emerging economies, attacks on power plants and supply infrastructure, natural disasters, accidents, terrorism, and reliance on foreign countries for oil resources.  Energy security strengthens the performance of all sectors of the American economy.

Join us alongside other fellow governors, state and federal regulators, federal lawmakers, academia, utility executives, oil and gas industry representatives and other interested parties for the unique opportunity to impact the key decisions that will shape the energy sector of our economy for decades to come.


We want to say thank you to our sponsors for their support of this Summit!