Governor Bentley Begins Chairmanship of Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission

MONTGOMERY – With a focus on responsible energy development, Governor Robert Bentley has accepted the 2012-2013 chairmanship of the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission.

The IOGCC is a multi-state agency that advocates for environmentally-sound methods of increasing the supply of American energy. The goal of the IOGCC is to keep oil and gas regulation within the states while advocating responsible energy policies. Governor Bentley is the first Alabama governor to serve as chairman of the IOGCC.

“A strong energy supply is crucial for job creation, for economic stability and for making oil and natural gas more affordable,” Governor Bentley said. “We must reduce our dependence on foreign oil while making wise use of our domestic energy resources. As chairman of the IOGCC, I will work closely with other states on policies that help us achieve that goal.”

Governor Bentley recognizes the growing potential for alternative sources of energy. The majority of America’s energy needs, however, are still met by more traditional sources. Governor Bentley believes America can make responsible use of domestic energy while ensuring that proper procedures and regulations protect environmental and quality-of-life concerns.

“We all see the future promise of alternative sources of energy, such as wind, solar and biofuels; however, those sources are currently unable to meet all of our energy needs,” Governor Bentley said. “That’s why oil and natural gas will continue to serve an essential role for the foreseeable future, and that’s why we must continue to develop our North American oil and natural gas resources.”

Throughout his term as chairman, Governor Bentley plans to focus on various additional priorities. His chairman’s initiative includes more extensive training for oil and gas inspector certification. His initiative also includes better communications among member states, such as bringing regulatory and technical staff together to share ideas and best practices.

Governor Bentley’s term as chairman officially started during the recent IOGCC Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas. IOGCC members will visit Alabama in May during the IOGCC 2013 Midyear Issues Summit in Point Clear.

“By working with other states, we can conserve and develop oil and gas resources through safe and environmentally-sound operations,” Governor Bentley said. “I will work closely with the governors and representatives of all IOGCC states to help achieve the commission’s goals for the coming year.”