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A national forum, the Energy Resources, Research and Technology committee debates, studies and develops positions on economic, technical, research and safety issues that confront domestic oil and natural gas production.


An active national forum focusing on oil and gas environmental and safety issues, this committee gathers and distributes information on legislative and regulatory developments, technological innovations and effective approaches to environmental and safety management.


Through IOGCC’s International committee, international affiliates have full access to information and resources of the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission, as well as the opportunity to participate on IOGCC committees and activities, share experiences and information, together improve our knowledge and solve common problems, and study common issues facing every nation’s hydrocarbon recovery efforts.


The Legal and Regulatory Affairs Committee actively engages in legislative and regulatory processes at state and federal levels to ensure that tedious laws and regulations do not adversely affect oil and gas activities. The committee tackles its many tasks by fostering communication with the regulatory community so timely responses can be made to meet the rapidly changing needs of the oil and gas industry and its customers.


Concentrating on issues pertaining to public lands in IOGCC member states, this committee works to ensure regulatory efficiency between the states and federal government specifically coordinating state and federal requirements that govern exploration and production of petroleum resources on public lands. The prudent stewardship of public funds and the elimination of duplication of effort between state and federal activities are hallmarks of the committee’s function.

This committee educates the American public about our domestic oil and natural gas industry and the IOGCC’s role in its promotion and preservation. While issues publicly arise everyday concerning our nation’s oil and gas, Public Outreach strives to communicate the IOGCC’s role as the information and research authority on domestic petroleum resources.




The Council of State Regulatory Officials acts in an advisory capacity to the Commission and is comprised of one representative from each state oil and gas regulatory agency. Members of the council meet biannually to discuss regulatory issues of mutual interest, and often develop best practices for regulatory oversight.
The Council of State Oil and Gas Attorneys aims to assist its member attorneys in the acquisition of the knowledge necessary to remain abreast of the most recent developments in oil and gas law as it pertains to the states' regulation of mineral resources.

Council of State Regulatory Officials

Council of State Oil and Gas Attorneys

State Oil and Gas Regulatory Exchange (oversight committee)

Natural Gas Storage Work Group