2009 Midyear Issues Summit - Anchorage

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General Session


IOGCC Chairman Gov. Brad Henry - Via Video
"Message from the Chairman"
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» Mark Meyers, AGIA Coordinator, Alaska Department of Natural Resources
"Domestic Natural Gas and Its Role Building the Nation's Energy Future"
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» Richard Haut, Senior Research Scientist, Houston Advanced Research Center
"Balancing Environmental Issues with Natural Gas Development"
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Shale Gas Directors' Task Force


James Martin, Chief, West Virginia Office of Oil and Gas
"Oil and Gas Well Permitting in West Virginia" 
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Environment and Safety Committee 


Marilyn Crockett, Executive Director, Alaska Oil and Gas Association
"Overview of the Alaska Oil and Gas Industry"
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»  Jackie Poston, Project Coordinator, Department of Environmental Conservation
"A Strategy to Address Climate Change in Alaska - Where Are We Now?"
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Public Outreach Committee 


Ed Cross, President, Kansas Independent Oil and Gas Association
"Back to the Future - A Brave New World for Oil and Gas"
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Rebecca Lamb, Program Director, The NEED Project
"Energy Education - National, Regional and Local Perspectives"
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» Gary Swan, Vice President, National Energy Foundation
"Creative Strategies for Launching a High Impact Energy Education Program"
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Energy Resources, Research and Technology Committee 

»  Marc Fine, Information Technology Manager, Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
"COGG's Electronic Forms Submission"
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»  David Neslin, Director, Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
"Understanding the COGCC Rulemaking"
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»  Wayne Wright, Field Operatons Manager, Oklahoma Corporation Commission
"Integrating Wireless Applications into RBDMS: Utilizing Multiple Funding Sources"
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Public Lands Committee 

»  Thomas E. Irwin, Commissioner, Alaska Department of Natural Resources
"Oil and Gas in the Last Frontier: Mainntaining the Environment Wile Encouraging Exploration and Development"
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»  Ken Allen, Drilling Engineer, BP Exploration Alaska Inc.
"Evolution, Challenges and Benefits of ERD and uERD"
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Legal and Regulatory Affairs Committee  

»  Lawerence Bengal, Director, Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission
"Overview of the Carbon Capture and Storage Task Force Work"
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»  Mark Myers, AGIA Coordinator, Alaska Department of Natural Resources
"Ecosystem Change: Managing Resources in an Uncertain Future"
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