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Hoeven takes the lead as new chairman

North Dakota Gov. John Hoeven assumed chairmanship of the IOGCC at the Annual Meeting, beginning his second term as chairman. He emphasized domestic energy's importance and said he will remain dedicated to manpower issues.

"The United States is a major supplier of natural gas and oil to the United States," Hoeven said. "We often lose sight of the abundant natural resources existing in this country and their huge importance to our citizens."

In addition, Hoeven said he will remain committed to former IOGCC Chairman Gov. Dave Freudenthal's Oil Price Differentials Task Force - a group dedicated to addressing crude oil pricing anomalies in the Rocky Mountain and northern plains states.

Read more about Gov. Hoeven's plans for the upcoming year at the IOGCC page.

IOGCC states call for broader energy policy

The IOGCC passed four resolutions at its recent Annual Meeting, including one aimed at encouraging the president and U.S. Congress to continue to develop and adequately fund an enhanced national energy policy.

The three other resolutions included continuing to refine and develop policy on the issue of carbon capture and storage in underground geologic formations; identifying and promoting energy manpower needs; and encouraging funding sources for the plugging reclamation of orphaned well sites.

To read the full resolutions, log on to the IOGCC Web site's Resolutions page.

Stewardship Awards recognize excellence in four categories

Four outstanding projects were awarded the 2006 IOGCC Chairman's Stewardship Awards, presented at the General Session during the IOGCC's recent Annual Meeting.

The Chairman's Stewardship Awards are the IOGCC's way of recognizing oil and natural gas organizations that have exceeded their regular duties to protect the environment.

The winners this year included the U.S. Department of Energy's National Energy Technology Laboratory, Kansas Corporation Commission and ALL Consulting in the Environmental Partnership category; the Kansas Independent Oil and Gas Association (KIOGA) in the Energy Education category; EnCana Oil and Gas (USA) Incorporated in the Major Company category; and Encore Acquisition Company in the Independent Company category.

For more detailed information on each of the winners and projects, visit the IOGCC News and Resources page.

Alaska Governor creates new agency

Alaska Gov. and former IOGCC Chairman Frank Murkowski recently created a new agency to address oil infrastructure oversights. The Lease Monitoring & Engineering Integrity Coordinator's Office (LMEICO) will fall under the Department of Natural Resources' Division of Oil and Gas.

The LMEICO will address permitting and oversight of all petroleum facilities and activities on state leases, in order to maximize the efficient and stable transportation of Alaska's oil and gas to market.

"The pipeline maintenance problems we have seen in the Prudhoe Bay Unit have revealed the gaps in government oversight," Murkowski said. "Our objective now is to close those gaps and assure Alaskans and the nation that oil and gas production on the North Slope will continue to be the most environmentally sensitive of anywhere in the world."

Committee member chosen to lead RPSEA

C. Michael Ming, a member of the IOGCC's Energy Resources, Research and Technology committee, has recently been named the president and program manager of the Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America (RPSEA).

Ming has been a managing member of the K. Stewart Company, LLC in Edmond, Okla., a small technology based independent natural gas exploration company.

RPSEA is a non-profit corporation composed of a consortium of premier U.S. Energy entities. RPSEA’s mission is to provide a stewardship role in ensuring the focused research, development and deployment of safe and environmentally sensitive technology that can effectively deliver hydrocarbons from domestic resources to the citizens of the United States.

Inspector Certification test successful in California

Twenty-nine people in California recently passed the National Inspector Certification Exam, a program sponsored by the IOGCC.

The National Inspector Certification program was instituted in 2000 and establishes national standards for state regulatory agencies to certify personnel responsible for inspecting oil and gas wells.

The inspectors passing the exam in California were: Syndi Pompa; Glenn W. Muggelberg; Gary Philbrick; Timothy Boardman; Elizabeth Johnson; John Huff; Bruce Hesson; Marilu Habel; Fred Pineda; Abdulmageed Abdulraham; Vanessa Perez; Weiru Chen; Mark Davis; Jerry Salera; Robert Habel; William Dean Kahler; Anneliese Anderle; Michael L. Woods; Bill Fedasko; David Mitchell; Clifford E. Parli; William F. Penderel; Michael Toland; Tim Kustic; Joseph L. Perrick; Mike Glinzak; Burton R. Ellison; M. Ali Khan; and Min Chu.

For more information on the National Inspector Certification Program, see the IOGCC Web site or contact IOGCC Web site or contact Amy Wright.

Tech Talk

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced its support of seven tests in North America to advance carbon sequestration technologies. DOE will provide more than $450 million over the next ten years to validate that the capture, transportation, injection and long term storage of CO2 can be done safely, permanently and economically.

DOE will work with existing Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnerships and others to develop the sequestration tests. The partnerships will develop and implement the tests over the next ten years in geologic formations that have substanstial storage capacity.

The IOGCC is currently involved in Phase II of DOE’s CO2 Sequestration Projects. The commission is working to develop specific, in-depth guidance for states to use when preparing state statutes or regulations for carbon dioxide capture and storage.

Carbon sequestration has been touted by DOE as one of the most promising ways to reduce the buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Read more at DOE's Web site.

On the Hill

By Kevin Bliss

As elections conclude, Capitol Hill remains a relatively quiet place. It actually offers a rare opportunity to visit with staff as congressmen and many senators are home campaigning.

The House and Senate will return for a lame duck session in mid-November. It is anyone’s guess, largely to be determined by the election results, what, if anything, will be accomplished in such a session. At a minimum most of the appropriations bills must be passed in one form or another. It remains to be seen whether a lame duck Congress would take on issues such as on offshore oil and gas development.


Photos and presentations from the IOGCC Annual Meeting are now available on the IOGCC Web site.

The IOGCC recently released the 2006 edition of the report "Marginal Wells: Fuel for Economic Growth." The report is available for download as a PDF on the IOGCC Web site, or you can PDF on the IOGCC Web site, or you can order a copy at the IOGCC publications page.

Tommie Seitz is the new director of the Railroad Commission of Texas Oil and Gas Division. He replaces Rich Varela. Seitz was previously the deputy director.

C. Stephen Allred was recently confirmed by the U.S. Senate as the assistant secretary for Land and Minerals.

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