Compact Comments
March 2006

IOGCC's Got the Look

Feb. 27 marked a fresh beginning for the IOGCC, as the Commission unveiled its new look to the world.

The rebranding effort began under the leadership of former IOGCC Chairman Gov. Frank Murkowski of Alaska to more clearly illustrate the organization's role in collectively representing member states as an advocate for the conservation of domestic natural gas and oil resources, and protecting the environment.

The effort is allowing the IOGCC to: launch a new logo symbolizing oil and natural gas production within the states; launch a new and improved Web site; continue its commitment to excellence; and extend its outreach.

Compact Comments is undergoing change as well. The newsletter will now be sent electronically on a monthly basis, instead of a monthly print version. Story ideas? Email them to Kristen Marquez, IOGCC communications associate.

For more information check out our official press release.

Report Sheds Light on North America's Untapped Offshore Resources

A recent report from the IOGCC's North American Coastal Alliance (NACA) highlights the significant "untapped potential" of areas in North America currently off-limits to oil and gas production.

The report, "Untapped Potential: Offshore Oil and Gas Resources Inaccessible to Leasing," is the first complete compilation of data on resources not available for development in the offshore waters of the United States and Canada. Its goal is to facilitate informed decision-making regarding future opportunities associated with these resources. It outlines facts about legislation and policy that prevent exploration and development in offshore areas of the United States and Canada.

To obtain a copy of "Untapped Potential: Offshore Oil and Gas Resources Inaccessible to Leasing," contact IOGCC headquarters or visit the Web site.

On the Hill

By Kevin Bliss

At an energy conference on Capitol Hill in late January, a speaker noted that but for shear dumb luck our country would be in the throes of energy supply crisis this winter. A much warmer than normal winter all but eliminated the natural gas deficit which resulted from last year's hurricanes. The speaker went on to observe that this country can't count on dumb luck forever. We must take action to increase natural gas production.

Energy remains on a front burner, although some don't agree and a number of bills have been introduced to reexamine development of U.S. offshore resources. One would also expect another effort will be made to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) to oil drilling in 2006.

One particular item on IOGCC's Washington radar screen for 2006 will be securing an appropriation concerning orphaned and abandoned wells on non-federal land as authorized in the Energy Policy Act of 2005. Funding of state mitigation efforts would be on a cost-shared basis. Securing this appropriation and the valuable financial assistance it will bring to states will require the help of IOGCC member state representatives in securing the support of member state Congressional delegations.


IOGCC's MidYear Issues Summit is May 21-23, 2006, in Billings, MT. Check out the Web site for more meeting information. Online registration coming soon.

Victor Carrillo, IOGCC second vice chairman, has been named the IOGCC alternate on the board of directors for the Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America. Christine Hansen, IOGCC executive director, serves as board member. RPSEA’s mission is to provide a stewardship role in ensuring the focused research, development and deployment of safe and environmentally sensitive technology that can deliver hydrocarbons from domestic resources to the citizens of the United States.

After five years of leading cooperative conservation efforts and responsible energy development, Interior Secretary Gale A. Norton announced she will leave the President’s Cabinet at the end of March. In a letter to President Bush, Secretary Norton thanked the President, “for inviting me to be part of your Administration for a meaningful and rewarding five years.” The announcement was made March 10.

Erica Carr has been named communications manager of the IOGCC. She replaces Alesha Leemaster. Carr was previously communications associate with the IOGCC.

Martin Fleming has resigned as Vice President of Public Affaris of TIPRO and is now the Vice President of Governmental and External Affairs at Noble Royalties, Inc. He left TIPRO March 1, 2006.

The 13th Annual International Petroleum Environmental Conference is Oct. 17-20 in San Antonio, TX, at the Crowne Plaza Riverwalk Hotel. IOGCC is a co-sponsor of this event. The conference is currently accepting papers that address solutions to environmental problems and regulatory issues in the petroleum industry in exploration and production (E&P) and refining. For conference information, visit the IPEC Web site.

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