2018 Annual Conference
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
September 30, - October 2, 2018

General Session - Sunday, October 1, 2018
The Honorable Doug Burgum
Governor of North Dakota
Incoming Chairman's Address by Doug Burgum, Governor of North Dakota

Energy Research, Resources and Technology Committee
Chair: Scott Dawson, New Mexico 

Vice Chair: Tom Williams, Texas

Daniel Zimmerle - Senior Research Associate, Energy Institute, Colorado State University 
"The Path To Equivalency: Adopting new Technologies for Leak Detection in Natural Gas Systems"

Lloyd Hetrick - Operations Engineering Advisor, Newfield Exploration Company 
"Well to Well Communications aka 'Frack Hits' Discussed"

Tyler James - Technical Sales, CSI Technologies
“Epoxy Resin Demonstrations Integrity and Financial Advantages in O&G Well Abandonment”

 Alan Krupnick - Senior Fellow, Resources for the Future
"Demonstrating the Shale Research Clearinghouse"

Environment and Safety Committee
Chair: Adam Wygant, Michigan

Sam Sankar - Executive Director, Environmental Council of the States (ECOS)
"Shale Gas Caucus and Wise Environmental Policy for Oil and Gas Industry without Creating Legacy Issues”

Al Collins - Senior Director of Regulatory Affairs, OXY
“A Corporate Perspective on Carbon Capture, Utilization and Sequestration and 45Q”

International Committee
Chair: Trevor Swan, British Columbia
Vice Chair: David Hardie, Alberta 

International Presentations Combined

Sean Curry - Vice President Operational Policy & Environment, British Columbia Oil & Gas Commission 
“Stewardship Tools for Informing Development”

Charles Porter - Vice President Strategic Engagement, British Columbia Oil & Gas Commission 
“Two Topics: First Nations Engagement and Community and Landowner Engagement”

 Leonard Hiebert - Area Director, Peace River Regional District
"Effectiveness of Community and Landowner Engagement"

Legal and Regulatory Affairs Committee
Chair: Ryan Hoffman, Kansas
Vice Chair: Eric Vendel, Ohio

Dave Schwarz - Oil & Gas Field Inspector, Idaho Department of Lands
“Lease Development Issues in Idaho”

 John Peiserich - Partner, PPGMR Law, PLLC 
“Produced Water Ownership and Its Treatment as an Economic Product”

Public Lands Committee
Chair: Patrick Padilla, New Mexico

Matthias Sayer - Deputy Cabinet Secretary, New Mexico Energy, Minerals & Natural Resources Department 
"Endangered Species Act Modernization"

Robert Wood - Director, Engineering & Analysis Division, EPA Office of Water
"Status of EPA’s Produced Water Study"

Public Outreach Committee
Chair: Ian Wright, Utah
Vice Chair: Mark Truax, Colorado 

Katie Haarsager - Public Information Specialist for North Dakota Industrial Commission Department of Mineral Resources, Oil & Gas Division
“North Dakota #ShowYourEnergy Program and Public Outreach Efforts”

 Kevin Brooks - Program Manager, Utah Office of Energy Development 
“Office of Energy Development (OED) Educational Outreach Program”

 Alex Epstein - President, Center for Industrial Progress
"What Government Can Do To Maintain Credibility" - Coming Soon!