2016 Annual Business Meeting
Denver, Colorado
May 15 - 17, 2016


Energy Resources, Research and Technology Committee

Ed Cross, President, Kansas Independent Oil & Gas Association
>> State of the Oil & Gas Industry ~ Dynamic Challenges Facing Marginal Well Producers

Vello A. Kuuskraa, President, Advanced Resources International, Inc.
>> Mature Fields and Marginal Oil Wells: Key Resources for CO2–EOR & CO2 Storage

Steve Melzer, Owner, Melzer Consulting
>> EOR / IOR Technologies and Technology Transfer

Environment and Safety Committee

John Harju, Vice President for Strategic Partnerships, Energy and Environmental Research Center, University of North Dakota
>> Results of Spill/ Release Study
>> Results of Pipeline Study Phase 1
>> Results of Pipeline Study Phase 2

Lynn Helms, Director, Department of Mineral Resources, North Dakota Industrial Commission
>> Resulting Rule Changes Proposed/ Spills
>> Resulting Rule Changes Proposed/ Phase 1
>> Proposed Rule Concept

International Committee 

Kim Doane, Director, Petroleum Branch, Nova Scotia Department of Energy
>> North American Considerations for Aging Infrastructure 

David Hardie, Senior Advisor, Alberta Energy Regulator
>> Aging Infrastructure & Liability

Legal and Regulatory Affairs Committee

Sarah Finn, National Surety Senior Vice President, & Michael Lischer, Surety Account Executive, IMA Inc.
>> Surety for Oil and Gas Regulators

Patrick Hughes, Partner, Haynes and Boone, LLP
>> Bankruptcy Basics for Oil and Gas Regulators

Jane Stanczyk, Permitting & Technical Services Manager, Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission
>> Being proactive: how Colorado increased idle well bonding by $4.3 million

Public Lands Committee

Kathleen Sgamma, Vice President of Government & Public Affairs, Western Energy Alliance
>> Too Much, Too Late: BLM Onshore Orders, Planning Policies, Rules, and Overreach

Public Outreach Committee

Bethany McCorkle, Chief of Communications, Ohio Department of Natural Resources
>> Crisis Communications, Part 1
>> Crisis Communications, Part 2

Mark Bruce, Communications Director, Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program
>> NIMS and the Role of a Public Information Officer

Todd Hartman, Communications Director, Colorado Department of Natural Resources
>> Deluge of Dread: Floods, Fear, Fracking, Fossil Fuels, Floating Tanks and Facts

Karen Crummy, Communications Director, Protect Colorado & Coloradans for Responsible Energy Development
>> Focus on Media