2015 Annual Business Meeting
Salt Lake City, Utah
May 18-20, 2015

Council of State Regulatory & Provincial Officials

Rick Simmers, Chief, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Oil and Gas Resources Management

>>Emergency Response Framework

Larry Bengal, Director, Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission

>>Collaboration, Solutions, Regulatory Leadership


​Mike Nickolaus, Director, Special Projects, Groudwater Protection Council

>>New Features Coming to FracFocus in 2015

Public Lands Committee

Dan Seamount, Jr., Commissioner, Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

>>Arctic National Wildlife Refuge


Steven Wells, Divison Chief, Fluid Minerals, Bureau of Land Manangement

>>Onshore Federal and Indian Minerals

Kathleen Sgamma, Vice President, Government and Public Affairs, Western Energy Alliance

>>State Primacy on Public Lands



Kathy Opp, Executive Director, Western States Land Commissioners Association

>>State Trust Land Strategies & Opportunities for Collaboration


Energy Resources, Research and Technology Committee


Environment & Safety Committee 

Michael Silverstein, Administrator, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

>>Developing Colorado's Oil and Gas Emissions Controls

Tom Williams, President and Managing Director, LEID LLC 

>>EFD Program Efforts on Monitoring Methane/VOC Emissions

Mike Paque, Executive Director, Ground Water Protection Council

>>New Data on Produced Water Volumes and Management Practices



David Hardie, Senior Advisor, Alberta Energy Regulator

>>Alberta Energy Regulator


Mike Janzen, Manager, Assert Integrity & Retirement

>>Inactive/Idle Wells


Tim Poe, Assistant Director, Administrative Compliance Section, Railroad Commission of Texas

>>Aging Infrastructure


Scott Perry, Deputy Secretary, Office of Oil & Gas Management, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

>>Conventional Operator Case Study