IOGCC Annual Meeting
Long Beach, California
November 4 - 6, 2013


General Session 
Alabama Governor Robert Bentley, 2013 IOGCC Chairman
>>Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant, 2014 IOGCC Chairman

>>The Future of Shale Reserves

Dr. Scott W. Tinker, University of Texas

 >> Monterey Shale Potential
Dr. Fred Aminzadeh, University of Southern California
California-Centric Panel includes:

Energy Resources, Research & Technology
>> Induced Seismicity 
Dr. Fred Aminzadeh & Dr. Don Paul, University of Southern California
>> E-Permitting
John Rogers, Utah Division of Oil, Gas & Mining Division
 >> Continuous Regulatory Improvement: The TOPCORP National Training Program
 Hilary Clement Olson, University of Texas at Austin
Council of State Oil & Gas Attorneys
>> EPA's Rules for the Oil & Natural Gas Industry and What They Mean to You
John Peiserich, Perkins & Trotter, LLC
Public Outreach Committee
>>Public Angst Demands Right Response- Opportunities Arise from Addressing Critical Issues
Edward Cross, Kansas Independent Oil & Gas Association
>>Leaving Our Corners: Bringing Government, Industry, Academia & NGOs Together
 Dr. Scott W. Tinker, University of Texas
Public Lands Committee
>> The State of BLM
Gabriel Garcia, California State Office, Bureau of Land Management
 >>Artic Update
 William Barron, Alaska Department of Natural Resources
Environment & Safety Committee
>>Bureau of Safety & Environmental Enforcement (BSEE): An Introduction to its Mission & Goals
Jaron Ming, BSEE
>>International Regulations: Lessons Learned
Kim Doane, Nova Scotia Provincial Government
>> Advancing Global Deepwater Capabilities: Lessons from the Deepwater Horizon Response
William Grames, BP
Legal & Regulatory Committee
>> Phase III: CO2 Storage Liabilities
Larry Bengal, Arkansas Oil & Gas Commission
>>Working with Local/ County Governments
Matt Lepore, Director, Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission