2010 Annual Meeting Presentations

General Session
Jack Belcher, Partner, EnergyNorthAmerica, LLC
"Washington Perspective"

Ann Codrington, Acting Director, Drinking Water Protection Division, U.S. EPA
"EPA Ground Water and Drinking Water Update"

Mike Smith, IOGCC Executive Director
Mike Paque, GWPC Executive Director
"IOGCC and GWPC Chemical Registry of Hydraulic Fracturing"

Shale Oil and Gas State Regulators Panel Presentations:
Lynn Helms, Director, Department of Mineral Resources, Industrial Commission, North Dakota

Tom Doll, State Oil and Gas Supervisior, Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

Brad Field, Director, Division of Mineral Resources, Department of Environmental Conservation

Energy Resources, Research & Technology

Clay Bretches, Vice President, Marketing & Minerals, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
"The National Petroleum Council's Resource Development Study for North America"

Don Love, Technical Service and Development Specialist, Dow Microbial Control
"Understanding Biocides: What They Are, What They Do, and Why They Matter"

Steve Melzer, Owner Melzer Consulting-Advances in CO2 EOR
"A New Class of Reservoir Targets for CO2 Capture and Storage"

Public Lands
Steve Salzman, Division Chief, Fluid Minerals, BLM
"BLM's Oil and Gas Program Initiatives"

Tom Doll, State Oil and Gas Supervisior, Wyoming
"Pavilion Wyoming - A Perspecitve on the EPA Ground Water Testing Results"

Public Outreach
Mike McGehee, Director, Division of Pipeline certificates, FERC
"FERC Outreach Program"

Kim Lawrence, Executive Director, Energize West Virginia
"Energize West Virginia: Informing and Educating the Public About the Tremendous Benefits of Natural Gas"

Heath Kennedy, Account Manager, Energy Education & Communications, Brothers & Co.
"IOGCC Communications Resources Guide-National Energy Education Programs"

Council of State Oil and Gas Attorneys
Marvin Rogers, Counsel, State Oil & Gas Board, Alabama
"Significant Cases in Oil and Gas Law"

International Committee
Gerry Baker, Associate Executive Director, IOGCC
Berne Mosely, Deputy Director, Office of Energy Projects, FERC
"Basin Initiative Update"

Environment and Safety Committee
David May, Professor of Economics, Oklahoma City University
"Economic Impact of Marginal Wells in the U.S."

Bill Penrose, Vice President & Drilling Manager, SolstenXP Inc.
"Cost-Effective Plugging and Abandonment of Orphaned Wells"

Legal and Regulatory Affairs Committee
Brad Field, Director, Division of Mineral Resources, Department of Environmental Conservation, New York
"Assessing and Mitigating Impacts from High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing in New York"Tom Wright, Chairman, Kansas Corporation Commission
"Underground Storage Issues"

Kimberly Doane, Manager, Petroleum Resources Division, Nova Scotia Department of Energy
"The Alantic Accord, A Regulatory Perpective"

Shale Gas Directors
Mike Paque, Executive Director, Ground Water Protection Council
"Overview of the Chemical Registry"

Berne Mosely, Deputy Direcotr, Office of Energy Projects, FERC
"Washington Report on Shale Related Infrastructure"

Council of State Regulatory Officials
Lee Allison, State Geologist & Director, Arizona Geological Survey
"Global Data Intergration in the Geosciences"